Fashion Laundry

Ariel Laundry Detergent makes clothes look like NEW. And we wanted to demonstrate this in a NEW way.

We tied up with Metropole, a large laundry store chain and got them to wash all their customers’ clothes exclusively in Ariel to make them look NEW. Then, we transformed their stores inside and out into places people go to when they need NEW clothes---fashion boutiques.

We also transformed Metropole’s website into a fashion boutique website. To drive people to the site, we released ads showing models wearing seemingly NEW fashion items at very low prices. Once clicked, the user is directed to the website where we reveal that the low price is just the cost of washing it with Ariel.


The campaign reached a new record high of 15% increase in sales. It also earned free media on national TV, radio, newspapers, and online. Surveys also revealed that women across Manila believe that Ariel can indeed make their clothes look like NEW.