In the Philippines, advertising for infant milk formula is illegal. That’s why Mead Johnson relies on Medical Representatives to reach out to pediatricians who, in turn, recommend infant milk brands to moms.

Enfa A+ Gentlease is a baby milk formula that helps ease infants’ digestive discomforts. On its launch, our challenge was to create engaging detailers to help Med Reps capture the attention of doctors, and effectively communicate the brand’s benefits. In other words, we had to find a way to talk to pediatricians about sh*t.

So we created the RORSH*T, a digital detailer featuring specially designed “inkblots” (inspired by the Rorschach test). Used by the Mead Johnson Med Reps, RORSH*T engaged doctors to participate and share their perceptions about the inkblots. Our Med Reps later revealed them to be different types of sh*t from the Bristol Stool Chart. From there, Med Reps were able to discuss how Enfa A+ Gentlease helps protect the digestive health of infants.


The Rorsh*t test was used on 7,060 target doctors in over 77 hospitals nationwide. It resulted in a 40% spike in sales in November 2016 -- a 15% increase for the whole year, and a 9% increase in the discomfort category---proving that this sh*t works.